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Channing Memorial Church

Channing Memorial Church is a Unitarian Universalist congregation located across from the Olde Stone Mill on Historic Hill in Newport, Rhode Island. Religious Education (church school) and Church Services are held at 10:00am on Sunday mornings.

The church is available for public meetings for worthwhile causes and for weddings.With active lay participation, and professional ministry by the Reverend Dr. F. Jay Deacon, Channing’s Officers and Chairs provide leadership in the church’s spiritual, intellectual, social action, fellowship, and business activities. Various committees form the working units to carry out the church’s ministry. The Church’s monthly newsletter, The Catalyst, provides information on current church events.

Channing is democratically run, with a lay-led Governing Board. All are welcome to participate in church activities, regardless of membership status. All meetings are also open. A wide variety of programs are offered, and suggestions for new or alternate programs are continuously sought and encouraged. At its Annual Meeting in the Spring of 2003 the Channing congregation voted unanimously to become a Welcoming Congregation. If you have a special talent or interest you would like to develop, or if you would like to meet a group of people who value individual freedom of belief, we invite you to visit with us

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