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Voices from the Ocean State: Sandrith Perez

Sandrith is a young person from Pawtucket, Rhode Island. They discovered NewportOUT through events we had put on with the Providence-based Trailer Park Girls, including our virtual 2020 Newport pride party. Sandrith and one of NewportOut’s organizers Daniel Cano Restrepo, also from Colombia, were able to connect by phone. Sandrith has not been to Newport, but it’s at the top of their list.

Part of our mission is supporting LGBTQ+ youth so we are sharing Sandrith’s story with you. Please consider supporting Sandrith in their work!

My name is Sandrith and I am from a small village in Colombia. I was born in Santo Tomas and was raised there until the age of 5. When I turn six, my mom and I took a huge leap of faith and traveled here to Pawtucket, RI.

Through this crazy journey called life, I’ve had many ups and downs. Coming from a Catholic family and background, I was sheltered and not spoken to about the dangers of the world. Through traumatic and eye open experiences, I did a lot of self-growth and gained new knowledge.

First, I did identity work on myself. Growing up, I never fit into the norm of what society called “female”. I was a tomboy but had my days when I was feminine. I was not sure if this was normal or okay because it was frowned upon my family. I was a girl and needed to be lady like. Through self-work and growth, I discovered I was gender fluid/non-binary. I cut my hair short and started using they/them pronouns.

Second, through an internship I did during my undergrad year, I discovered a newfound passion of mine. I enjoy learning and teaching others about sex education. I learned there was nothing wrong with being sexually active and being in tune with yourself and your needs. Growing up, I was taught that females that knew about sex or were sexually active were dirty and sinners. I learn that there is was nothing wrong about learning about sex and being sexually active. It is something each person does at their own pace and it is important for people to know about resources for when they do decide to be sexually active.

Lastly, all these experiences have made me into the person I am today. I want to be a sex educator and sex therapist to help those who been through traumatic experiences gain control over their body again, and to teach youth about inclusive sex education. Which is why I am asking for your support and donations so that I can pay for my master’s degree and continue my education. Thank you for reading about my story, and the link to my fundraiser with more information about my plans to further my education is below.

Cashapp: $sandi128

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