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Work-Cation at the Hotel Viking & Spa Fjör

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

This blog post is from Reggie Onorati, who recently moved here after finishing an undergraduate degree and falling in love with Newport after a summer job in town. They are passionate about creating inclusive spaces for all and have been enjoying creating art in their new home. Check out Reggie's art on Instagram here.

In early April I was able to stay at the Hotel Viking as part of a work-cation at the iconic Newport hotel. Everything about my stay was a pleasure-including my charming room where I was able to be very productive while working at the desk that overlooks the lovely Viking Courtyard. The work day flew by, and at the end I was able to unwind at Spa Fjör which was included in the package. By the end of my stay, it was clear to me that Hotel Viking represents tradition and old-world beauty, however the hotel also has proved its ongoing commitment to be a safe space for all.

After enjoying all the hotel’s offerings, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Mary Desrosiers, the hotel’s Director of Sales and Marketing. She assured me that Hotel Viking ensures that they communicate to their whole staff of their sponsorship and work with Newport Out. Mary has noticed and celebrates the transformation and evolution of Newport’s LGBT+ community. She, and the entire hotel staff, are a supporter of the diverse crowd that Newport and the Hotel Viking draws. “Different ages and people with different interests can all meet at Hotel Viking’s various meeting spaces--the recently expanded courtyard, the newly renovated 2021 rooftop bar or the elegant One Bellevue'', says Mary.

Since 2017 Hotel Viking has partnered with NPT Out, collaborating on various events and promotions including a 15% off during pride week for Pride Pin holders right in the midst of the hotel’s 2019 summer season.

Hotel Viking also prides itself on supporting the local community with six current partnerships ranging from the Newport Art Museum to the Tennis Hall of Fame. The charm of Hotel Viking is that all these partnerships are a short walking distance from the Hotel and encourage guests to explore the city in a variety of ways. That is the allure of Hotel Viking that I find most valuable- it is the only major hotel located right in the middle of this city by the sea, a true hub location. A perfect place to stay whether you are planning on bar hopping or if you want to experience the waterfront, culture and range of the Newport area.

Overall Hotel Viking is thrilled to associate itself with the LGBT+ community as a welcoming space. This is most evident in the non-denominational chapel that is a part of Hotel Viking’s property. The perfect and comfortable place for an LGBT+ wedding. I heard wedding bells and felt a sigh of relief when Mary said the words “non-denominational”. Growing up Catholic but not following through with being catholic in my adult life, I have always pictured myself walking down some sort of a church aisle. I imagine other LGBT+ people also face this paradox and it is wonderful to hear that Hotel Viking has a gorgeous solution for this. Overall, Hotel Viking is a hotel for all kinds of people with all different kinds of interests. The hotel caters to the different types of guests that enter the hotel whether it is for an extended stay in Newport or admiring the sunset on their rooftop bar with friends.

And in this work-from-home world we live in, a work-cation may be just what you need!

For more information on the Hotel Viking's over night work-cation and daytime day-cation package and all of the services offered at Viking’s Spa Fjör, check it out online. Thank you, Reggie, for your perspective!

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