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Pride: In Retrospect
at Newport Pride Center

Pride: In Retrospect, the gallery is back! 🙌

August 25th - October 31st, 2023

at Newport Pride Center (42 Spring St, Newport, RI 02840)


Please join us for a special edition of Pride: In Retrospect, a free photography exhibit in Newport, open to the public on Wednesdays 10- 3 pm and Thursdays and Fridays from 10-5 pm.


We are hosting a Last Friday Social on the last Friday of each month, from 6-7 pm, and it's an opportunity to check it out. This is a curated selection of the entire gallery. This will be our last exhibit before we bring on a new theme!

Pride: In Retrospect is a curated gallery featuring archival images from the early 1960s through the 2019s. The images will highlight historical moments leading up to the riots at Stonewall in New York City and the first Queer Liberation March of 1970. Explore the visual storytelling of Pride and the importance of the Stonewall uprising for the LGBTQIA+ community.


Newport Pride obtained the license for these archival images directly from Getty Images.

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