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Shopping in Newport



THANK YOU for making it down here. We sincerely appreciate your support of our work. Part of the revenue received through these products will help us continue running the organization and supporting local LGBTQ+ youth.


Eileen on Thames

Eileen on Thames is an award-winning gift store and home of the Eileen Graphics brand. Watercolors painted by owner Eileen Pollina are turned into cards, stationery, and gift items ranging from tote bags to soy candles. Eileen supports the LGBTQ+ community through fundraising, and her art represents kindness and inclusivity.

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Soap & Water

Our intent with Soap & Water is to merge luxury Bath and Body with convenience. When we say luxury, it's about the perks of someone's day. If you walk in and find something, let it be a wealth of something that's been conceived well. So it's not about the expense of it, it's about the excitement of it. We try to curate our small businesses to take consumers away for a few minutes. 


Ether Design Co. is the work of Annie Tuthill, an artist from Rhode Island, USA. Born and raised by the sea, Annie was never far from a pen and paper - always drawing, practicing, and creating work that is inspired by her surroundings. Her work is deeply influenced by the natural world & ephemera. Art from a mind that is always in the clouds. 


lululemon is a technical athletic apparel company for yoga, running, training, everyday wear + most other sweaty pursuits. Our Newport store is more than a place where people can get gear to sweat in, but a community hub where people can learn, connect and discuss mindfulness + well-being. As a company, we expand well-being to encompass a culture of inclusion where diversity is celebrated, equity is the norm, + action is the commitment. Our community is our heartbeat, we set big goals, we embrace the sweat, + we live the life we love.


Located on historic Bowen's Wharf in Newport, RI, and by the 18th century straw market in Charleston, SC, 

The Sail Loft Clothing Company captivates these wonderful lifestyles with their carefully selected assortment of clothing and accessories for men and women. While taking in leisurely walks, exploring historic sites, and discovering the rich history of these cities, be sure to stop into our stores for a wonderful shopping experience. 

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