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OUT & About: Little Bird Wellbeing

We made a visit to Sarah's shop, Little Bird Wellbeing (@littlebirdwellbeing), nestled right in the heart of Newport. Sarah is a massage therapist and the founder of Little Bird Wellbeing, dedicated to exploring the connection between inner landscapes and the external environment. With over a decade of experience, she focuses on mindful bodywork, serving the diverse community she has built in Newport. We sat down with her to understand why creating a welcoming haven for everyone has become a cornerstone for her store - read on to learn why.

📸: AJ Pisanno, @appljx.35mm

What message do you have for the queer community?

"to the queer community: creating a safe and inclusive environment at little bird wellbeing is a top priority. this commitment is rooted in respect and responsibility. i am excited to grow together as a community, valuing and celebrating every individual for who they are. your presence enriches us, and we're dedicated to ensuring that the shop remains a welcoming space where diversity is celebrated, and everyone feels accepted.”

What does inclusiveness mean to you?

“we all want to be seen. we all want to be heard, we all need touch. the term "holding space" is thrown around a lot these days. if you place your hands on someone after you've just had an argument with a loved one, that person will feel your anger, your pain, your fear. if you place your hands on someone after you've just had coffee with a dear friend, that person will feel your joy, your love, your excitement. when you can maintain a sense of inner peace-clarity, ease, stillness in the mind-you're able to offer a person their own experience. this is the idea of presence. this is what it means to hold space. when you can meet someone where they are, there is an opportunity to feel seen, heard, and held.”

You can learn more about Little Bird Wellbeing here. We personally recommend following her Instagram, @littlebirdwellbeing, for daily inspiration, beautiful poems and live updates for openings!

💙 OUT & About is a new series that highlights queer and ally small businesses, artists and community change makers. To submit someone for this ongoing series, please reach out to and be sure to follow @nptout on Instagram for behind the scenes footage, updates and much, much more! 💙

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