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Rough Point Mansion

Rough Point is open for the season in Newport! We hopped on our bikes and stopped by for a visit and opening reception for the new museum exhibit: Beyond Fortune: The Life & Legacy of Doris Duke

We’ve always been inspired by Doris Duke because of her independent spirit, her liveliness (she was a surfer, a fan and supporter of jazz and a fashionista, among other things) and her decision to wield her significant fortune in some incredible ways, supporting programs in the arts, health advancements, the environment and most visibly in Newport, the preservation of so many charming 18th century homes.

We love visiting Rough Point mansion, with its signature topiary camels on the front lawn and the sweeping views of the Atlantic Ocean. The interior seems to retain a piece of Ms. Duke’s spirit, and walking through the sun-filled solarium or peeking into the purple-clad bedroom of the heiress, you get a sense of the zest for life embodied by this woman. Ms. Duke herself had a deep appreciation for antique ceramics from across cultures and even trained in the meticulous repair of these precious objects, yet another aspect to this multifaceted, passionate woman.

Whether you’ve visited or not it’s definitely worth carving out time for. The exhibit takes a very real look at her life including ups and downs, as well as her generous legacy. And the mansion houses an extensive collection of fine and decorative arts.

**Also, special tip for Newport county residents: On Wednesdays from 5 - 7 PM, you can access the house, special exhibitions, and the grounds for free!!

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