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Born This Way Prom

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Newport Out is promoting this event but we are not the organizers. See details below about Interweave the presenter of this event!

Big thanks to Myka, our Newport Out intern, for his work on this blog post!

Date: Friday, April 21st, 2023

Time: 6-10 pm

Location: Florence Grey Center Gym, 1 York St, Newport, RI 02840

Cost: Entry is free, donation is suggested. Just show up!

Ages: Event admission will give preference to students 18 and under

Parking: Free parking lot + street parking

The Born This Way Prom is a safe space for queer youth to gather as a community and celebrate without judgment. The prom is hosted every year and has been going for 10 so far! If there was one word to describe the prom, it would be “accepting.” This amazing event is due to the work of the Channing Memorial Church's group called Interweave.

Interweave focuses on education, support, and advocacy for the LGBTQ community. Each year they host The Born This Way Prom, march in the Providence PrideFest Illuminated Night Parade, and organize a Transgender Day of Remembrance service. If you are interested in joining Interweave or helping with the prom, contact Interweave at the Channing Memorial Facebook page or, contact the Born This Way Facebook page (see bottom of blog for info). You can also contact to learn more about helping with the prom.

The Born This Way Prom is extremely important for LGBTQ youth because it gives them a safe space to celebrate themselves. It also eliminates strong gender roles and expectations at a normal school prom that most queer youths have to deal with. At a traditional prom, some may feel they can't attend because they can't bring who they want. The Born This Way Prom eliminates all the anxieties and expectations queer youths are burdened with. Brian Williams, a former prom attendant and current helper of the prom says that “The impact that my first prom had on me, was that it showed me that there was a huge community in our small state that was just like me, and it gave me resources and connections to people that support me through the journey of life. I was shown that I should not be ashamed of myself for anything, and to live an authentic life. I give credit to the first prom for helping me establish the confidence I have today because I don't know if I would have ever explored life outside the gender constructs that society has created.” Proceeds from the Born This Way Prom go to Youth Pride Inc. YPI is a nonprofit organization in Providence that provides support, education, and advocacy for LGBTQ youth.

Brian stated that over time he has noticed lots of growth in the LGBT community of Newport. “Now, there are many schools that have revived the programs, and they are thriving with many students, organizing fundraisers and events to create scholarships and more. And even in the community as well. We have community centers like the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center, who have LGBTQ+ support groups, in which they are providing even more resources for LGBTQ+ youth in the city. And we have events like Newport Pride that grow to larger numbers every year, and I personally noticed that there has been an influx of younger attendees at this event” he says. After a hiatus due to covid, the prom is finally back this year! It is currently being held on Friday, April 15, 2022. It will go from 6-10 pm at The Newport Harbor Hotel and Marina, 49 America's Cup Avenue, Newport, RI 02840! Bring your friends, family, and your beautiful selves!

For more information about The Born This Way Prom, Interweave, and YPI, check out these links:

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