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OUT & About: Giusto's Philip Tickner

Updated: Jun 12

We visited Philip Tickner, the Service Manager of the Italian restaurant Giusto Newport. He and the entire Giusto staff are dedicated to providing their guests with a welcoming and inclusive experience. Tickner's roots are in Rhode Island but he moved to DC for college in the mid-90's. He has been working in the hospitality industry since then while also having experience in the non-profit world. When he moved back to the area in 2020 with his partner, he didn't know what to expect from the coastal town. Luckily, he was met with open and loving arms, not only by his place of work but also by the local community at large. We sat down with him to understand why creating a welcoming haven for everyone at Giusto has become a cornerstone of their business and how Tickner's past informs this business motto.

On the left, Giusto's owner, Kevin, is putting the Pride Flag up for Pride Month!

Tickner started working alongside his partner Allen in DC with the Cherry Fund, which is “a non-profit that throws great events to raise monies for service-based non-profit organizations serving the LGBT community of Washington and beyond.” Allen was the President, and Tickner got involved with the non-profit's event entertainment side. The two have been together for 15 years—talk about a power couple!

During June, Giusto will donate $1 for each Purple Reign cocktail. Think empress gin, coconut, lime, cocchi americano & cherry.

After moving from DC to Newport County with his partner, Tickner joined the team at Giusto as Service Manager. There, he felt at home with the staff members and was impressed by how welcoming the team was. He was completely open about his identity with the Giusto staff, who felt more like a family than a work team. Part of Tickner's feeling of support was due to the philanthropy that Giusto participated in, including their annual Pride Cocktail, which donates proceeds to support the local LGBTQ+ non-profit, Newport Pride.

“In Newport, I feel at home. I love what Newport OUT does. I do miss the nightlife, and most of the time, we don’t want to drive up to Providence, so while I appreciate what OUT and Newport Pride does, I would love to see more queer life and spaces in Newport." - Phillip Tickner

Eventually, Tickner would love to own his own LGBTQ+ wine bar—a welcoming yet elegant place for the Newport community to connect. He recalls how his dad used to own a bar in London called Parsons and how much his father's work has inspired what he does today.

“If Newport opens a gay bar, it will do well, not only as a place to drink but also as a place to dance and be yourself. I think once that starts, you’ll see the action of this community going up. More people are moving up here; it’s gorgeous and with one more reason to stay here" - Philip Tickner

You can learn more about Giusto Newport here! We personally recommend following them on Instagram at @giustonewport for updates on their menus, and special drinks (like the Pride Cocktail) and much more.


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