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Pride: In Retrospect at Hotel Viking

Dani, Creative Director from Newport OUT

Newport OUT is a local community-oriented organization working to promote and create a more welcoming Newport for the LGTBQ+ community, residents and visitors alike. Recently we've launched the photo gallery Pride: In Retrospect at Hotel Viking, which will be open every day for two weeks until November 28, 2021.

We launched the gallery for the first time back in June 2021 as part of Newport Pride celebrations that year at Innovate Newport.

This time the gallery has made its appearance at the Hotel Viking, one of Newport OUT's longtime sponsors.

Pride: In Retrospect is a curated gallery that features archival images from the early 1960s through 2019. The images highlight historical moments leading up to the riots at Stonewall in New York City and the first Queer Liberation march of 1970. Come explore the visual storytelling of Pride and the importance of the Stonewall uprising for the LGBTQIA+ community. Visit for more information.

Newport OUT hosted an informal gathering on Saturday, November 13, 2021, to launch the exhibit. Friends came and enjoyed some drinks with the opening at the bar next to the hotel's lobby. Around 20 patrons came through to visit the exhibit.

From left to right. Reggie, Angela, Brian, Sean and Dani at Hotel Viking's bar

But you might wonder why this gallery?

For us, it's all about education, awareness, and visibility. If you are not part of the LGBTQ+ community or haven't experienced discrimination based on your sexual orientation, gender identity, your color of skin, or discrimination based on your nationality, it might not be easy to understand why. However, you don't have to go through a bad episode to use your empathy and understanding of others' differences.

L.E.A.D support group from MLK visiting the gallery

What we aim to do with this gallery is educate our community through our history. Showcase how far we've come thanks to those who came before us and the continued work needed to create awareness and respect for our community.

This gallery is a curated selection of the many that can be found at Getty Images, telling the story of our community through the years. Special thanks to Newport resident and Getty Images team member AJ Pisano for connecting us and making it happen!

What's next?

We are very excited to be able to showcase this gallery once again especially in this beautiful venue at Hotel Viking. And this will not be the last showing of the gallery!

Newport OUT acquired this gallery thanks to the unique photo collection on Pride history available at Getty Images which we have available until September 2022. Have an idea on where we should showcase the gallery next? Let us know!

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